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Advertising Agency in London

Libend is your simple and multi-faceted advertising agency in London . Thanks to a wide range of services such as photography, video, event organization, social media marketing. And in addition to Search engine optimization ( SEO ) of your website.

We take care of your business communication from A to Z. We give your ideas the power to grow and become a real business .

Our advertising agency in London offers multiple services to take off and get to know your business and business . We start from the construction of a real website and arriving at the personalized creation of contents of all kinds. The main ones are photography or video and we are able to provide particularly specific services to grow your business. Our advertising agency in London also offers a branding service. Once you have structured your website, with a real conceptual design, for photographs and content, we can promote your company on the national territory. Thanks to infrastructures, events and also thanks to the help of famous people partners of our advertising agency in London.

One of the advantages of our advertising agency in London is that we can use multiple services to guarantee your success .

Our services are aimed at giving you the greatest possible visibility with ever-present audiovisual and graphic technologies. With the organization of events where your company is made sparkling. Thanks to the type of marketing you want to use for that type of event designed by us for your needs.

Define your communication strategy

The important thing is to have clear ideas and to define a communication strategy that can be pursued by our advertising agency in London. Strategy that will be implemented throughout the period of our collaboration.

Strategy that will be created after a free consultation with one of our experts, designed on your needs and your budget .

Libend as a advertising agency in London exploits several factors for your visual communication. And also different types of marketing that we will use to grow your business exponentially.

Visual communication

We deal with the most different types of visual communication to bring out your business better.


Very important for a type of visual communication both on paper and online and the care of corporate aesthetics through photography.

Different styles of photography that we use to promote a company we take care of photography for ecommerce or dedicated to products on a white background that identify the product you are selling but also of still-life always talking about products because our agency of communication wants to better evaluate your production.

As for companies that do not sell products but services, we recommend a type of lifestyle or business photography . This type of photography is a real report . A report to create a complete image of your company and what it offers.

Advertising photography

A type of photography studied by one of our artistic directors to create a perfect image of your services. Or for your products, and implemented by one of our best photographers specialized in advertising photography , visual communication and marketing .

These professional figures will be able to provide you with a precise image to spread your ideas. And make your company a structured entity. And also well recognizable through images studied in detail.


Important is the realization of different types of videos regarding corporate communication. Starting from simple videos made at your conferences for LinkedIn or short films that are used to understand how your company is structured in the area we use the best experts in video advertising.

To create a well-defined image of your company that can attract your customers through this type of visual communication and involve them by making them more loyal.

There are different types of videos that we can create for your company and each one must be created at the table before its creation so that our advertising agency in London I can structure a perfect video for your needs.

Whether for a product or a service we can provide detailed high quality images for the visual communication you need using the latest professional equipment.

This type of service is well taken care of down to the last detail by experts in artistic film direction, video operators and drone operators . to provide you with the type of communication that best suits your needs, our advertising agency in London always chooses the best professionals .

Graphics and company logos

Thanks to professionals and artists in the field of professional graphics our advertising agency in London can provide you with a detailed study of your business for the creation of a real image branding structured on your needs. In fact, studying your marketing strategy we will create logos and graphics for your company so you can go to bemore incisive towards your target market.

Models, actors and actors

Thanks to the collaboration with multiple agencies we can provide you with a very wide range of people and personalities to use for visual communication of your company such as models and models , professional or semi- professional actors , to employ faces of showbiz personalities and VIPs .


The communication of your company does not end here in addition to a visual communication we can also organize online starting from the creation of your website with landing pages designed for the conversion of your website, until the creation of an ecommerce if it were of interest to sell online products or services.

One of our key points is a permanent marketing strategy on search engines or SEO .


Once you’ve created your website it’s really created all the content. Since photos and graphics are finally arriving at a point of disclosure your ideas.

The strategy we use is the positioning on search engines of your website to generate organic traffic. Traffic which is generated without additional costs in addition to the front page ranking on Google .

Our advertising agency in London makes use of experts in SEO and web optimization. All this to guarantee the placement on the front page on Google and other search engines in a few months. Above all we aim at search engines like: Bing and Yandex .

For companies instead they need to monetize immediately but giving a greater economic boost. We recommend creating a real landing page for business ideas, services or product sales. All aimed at attracting a specific target market.

In this operation, our advertising agency in London sees the fulcrum of the SEM strategy . That is search engine marketing .

Strategy that is implemented through paid ads of ads on search engines such as Google or Bing and also paid ads on social networks such as Facebook Instagram Twitter. The binomial landing page and Sam make your website a conversion machine. It will therefore turn traffic into a real monetization or dissemination of ideas.


Our advertising agency in London is also involved in organizing corporate events. Unleashed by our experts in event planning in London and on the national territory. In fact we use the impressive facilities to ensure that the name of your company is linked to important events. We want your events to be well structured and planned. From Corporate events such as conferences up to events for the sale of your products. Our advertising agency in London deals with the complete organization of your events on the national territory.


Contact us you will want to give us all the possible details for the creation of a quote that can include all your needs, find our contacts both on the dedicated page and in the footer below  or click here.

Once you have provided the detailed information, an operator of our advertising agency in London , will be pleased to contact you and create with you a detailed plan of everything that you need.